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There are no plans to ever release IC2010 on PC. Sorry.

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Q: Will International Cricket 2010 be released for PC?
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When will international cricket 2010 in ps2 will released?

In the USA it is a PC game

Is international cricket 2010 available on ps2?

I only found it for the PS3 in a UK game and also a UK PC version called International Cricket Captain 2010

Which is the best cricket game on PC?

Cricket 2010

Can international cricket 2010 work on a us ps3?

Gamespot lists a PS3 version of the game and only that would work and not the PC or Xbox 360 version. It was released in Europe on June 18 2010 and only rated 5.5 Mediocre

What are the controls of brian Lara international cricket 2007 PC game?

bewakuf computer maine controls puche thee

What are the release dates for Game Room - 2010 VG?

Game Room - 2010 VG was released on: Japan: 24 March 2010 (PC version) USA: 24 March 2010 (PC version)

Game for PC cricket captain 2008 activation key?

what is the licence key of International cricket captain 2008

Who is best cricket game in PC?


How can you download cricket games for PC?


What is the email to cricket to send songs from your PC to your cricket cell phone?

How do you multiplay cricket 2011 on PC?

You can download the game Cricket World Cup 2011 game for pc. You can play multiplayer using keyboard and joystick..

When will a rugby 2010 come out on ea sports?

It's still unconfirmed at the stage. Please wait for official confirmation. to the sources that been found in forums and such suggests (speculation-wise) that an announcement will be released near September. Most likely the game will be released around the same date as the 2009 cricket was released...