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Probably not. But he's the all-time leader in rushing yards in professional football, so he should.

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Q: Will Herschel Walker be elected to Pro Football Hall of Fame?
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Is herschel walker in the hall of fame?

Herschel Walker was inducted into the College Football Hall of Fame in 1999 but he is not in the Pro Football Hall of Fame.

Who is hershel walker?

Herschel Junior Walker (born March 3, 1962) is a former American college and professional football player and a mixed martial artist. He played college football for the University of Georgia, was a three-time All-American, and won the 1982 Heisman Trophy. Walker began his professional football career with the New Jersey Generals of the United States Football League (USFL), before joining the Dallas Cowboys of the National Football League (NFL). In the NFL, he also played for the Minnesota Vikings, Philadelphia Eagles and New York Giants. He was inducted into the College Football Hall of Fame in 1999.

Who was first Heisman Trophy winner to be elected to the football hall of fame?

That was O.J. Simpson (1968 Heisman winner) and Roger Staubach (1963 Heisman winner) who were both elected to the Hall of Fame in 1985. Since then, six other Heisman winners have been elected to the Pro Football Hall of Fame ... Paul Hornung, Doak Walker, Earl Campbell, Tony Dorsett, Marcus Allen, and Barry Sanders. For the upcoming 2010 elections to the Hall, Tim Brown is the only Heisman winner on the list of electees.

Who is the only person to be elected football and baseball hall of fame?

Cal Hubbard

What year was Archie Griffin elected to the National Football Foundation and College Hall of Fame?

Archie Griffin was inducted into the NFF College Football Hall of Fame in 1986.

Who was the first American football player inducted into the Canadian football hall of fame?

Warren Moon Moon was elected to the CFL Hall of Fame in 2001 and the NFL Hall of Fame in 2006.

Who was the first coach elected to the college and pro football hall of fame?

Sid Gillman

Who was the only person elected to both the football and the basketball hall of fame?

Robert Thompson

Why is Hershel Walker not in the Pro Football Hall of Fame?

Herschel Walker is not in the Hall of Fame because his most productive years were in the USFL, not in the NFL. While he played only 3 seasons in the USFL for the New Jersey Generals, he was able to match that productivity only once in his NFL career. His play ing the NFL was good, but not great. Based on his lack of productivity in the NFL, the HOF selection committee never voted to enshrine him into the HOF.

Who was elected to football hall of fame this year?

2 of 7 are Jerry Rice and Emmith Smith

How many NFL football players does the Nebraska Cornhuskers have in the football hall of fame?

3 ... OT Bob Brown elected in 2004, E Guy Chamberlin elected in 1965, and DT Roy Lyman elected in 1964.

Who are the only members of the pro football hall of fame who were high school teammates?

Doak Walker and Bobby Layne