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Yes and here is why. Driver can still play. Period. He may have lost a step but he can still get open and he will still make the tough catches. He is a valued veteran leader in the locker room and on the field.

Plus he still under contract and the Packers typically do not just walk away from a contract before it has expired. Though he will need to take a significant pay cut and assume a less glamorous role on the team.

I could see the Packers carrying 6 or 7 WRs this year if Tori Gurley & Diondre Borel can step up from the practice squad and prove they can be NFL quality WRs and special teams players.

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Q: Will Donald Driver play for the Packers?
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What football team is Donald driver on?


Who did Donald driver play for?

Donald Driver played high school ball at Milby HS in Houston, Texas, college ball at Alcorn State, and pro football for the Green Bay Packers.

Who was a person who got out of the streets to play sports?

* Donald Driver, wide receiver, Green Bay Packers His is a great story!

Who is the oldest player on the Green Bay Packers?

Donald driver

Who on the packers is 86?

I'm pretty sure it's WR Donald Driver. Go on if you want to be sure. Or no,donald driver is number80. Donald Lee is #86

Who won the gobbler award in 2009?

Donald Driver of the Green Bay Packers

What year did Donald Driver of the Green Bay Packers start to be a packer?


When did Donald driver join the team Green Bay Packers?

Donald Driver's first season in the NFL was 1999 with the Green Bay Packers.

Did Donald driver win a super bowl with Brett Favre?

No ... Donald Driver's first season with the Packers was 1999, 3 years after they defeated the Patriots in Super Bowl XXXI.

Did Donald driver win a Super Bowl?

Yes. The Green Bay Packers (where Driver plays) won Super Bowl XLV.

What American football team does Donald Driver play for?

Although now retired, the wide receiver Donald Driver spent his full 14 year career with the Green Bay Packers. He has since made a career for himself writing children's books not to mention winning Dancing with the Stars.

How many yards does packers receiver Donald Driver have this season?

565 yards! 4 Touch Downs.