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Q: Will Carolina Panthers beat Tampa Bay bucanerrs?
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Have the Carolina Panthers ever won a Monday Night Football game?

The Panthers are 5-3 on Monday Night Football. 09/29/1997: San Francisco 49ers beat the Panthers in Charlotte 34-21 12/08/1997: Carolina went into Texas Stadium and beat Dallas 23-13 11/27/2000: Carolina beat the Green Bay Packers in Charlotte 31-14 09/13/2004: Green Bay returned the favor and beat the Panthers in Charlotte 24-14 10/03/2005: Green Bay lost to Carolina, again in Charlotte, 32-29 11/13/2006: The Panthers whipped the Tampa Bay Bucs 24-7 in Charlotte. 12/04/2006: Philadelphia Eagles beat the Panthers in Philly 27-24 12-09-08: The Panthers whipped the Tampa Bay Bucs 38-23 at the home game.

What is the Carolina Panthers best undefeated start?

The best start the Carolina Panthers ever got off to was 5-0 in 2003. The Panthers beat the Jacksonville, Tampa Bay, Atlanta, New Orleans and Indianapolis to start the season, eventually losing in week 6 to the Tennessee Titans 37-17.

Who beat the Dallas Cowboys in the 1996 playoffs?

The Carolina Panthers.

Team patriots beat in Super Bowl XXXVIII?

The Carolina Panthers.

When was the last time Carolina Panthers beat Dallas?

In the 2003 NFC Wildcard playoffs - the Panthers defeated the Cowboys 29-10.

Did the Carolina Panthers beat the New Orleans Saints October-9-2011?

No, the Panthers lost to the Saints by a final score of 30-27.

Who beat the vikings in 09?

Pittsburgh Steelers, Chicago Bears, Arizona Cardinals, and the Carolina Panthers

What team did the New England Patriots beat for their second super bowl win?

Carolina panthers

What teams have the Patriots beat in the Super Bowl?

The St. Louis Rams, Carolina Panthers, and Philadelphia Eagles

Who won the 2016 superbowl?

The Denver Broncos won the 2016 SuperBowl. They beat the Carolina Panthers by 24 points to 10 points.

Which is better the Carolina Panthers or the Arizona Cardinals?

Arizona Cardinals. they lost middle of the season to the Panthers by 4. They then played again in playoffs and beat the Panthers by 20. The Cardinals are now advancing to the NFC championship. so the better team would be Arizona.

Who did the Pats beat in Super Bowl thirty eight?

The New England Patriots defeated the Carolina Panthers 31-29 in Super Bowl XXXVIII.