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No, Canada will not ever forget the Surivor Series match as Bret was screwed out of his title. If Bret was not screwed then yes they might, but as it wasn't Shawn Michaels that screwed Bret, Vince is to blame.

AnswerThey will when the new Bret Hart DVD is released where he spills the beans to all that the "screwjob" was planned from the beginning. AnswerNo they won't but i think they should forget it. Every time Shawn comes to Canada he gets booed and they chant you screwed Bret. No am I fan of Bret hart but everybody makes mistakes Shawn has apologized vince has apologized so what's the big deal? Just get over it! Now as a moment professional Wrestling then that's different. Bret vs Shawn probably ranks number 2 in the most memorable moments in wrestling. With number one in my opinion is when Hulk Hogan turned villain at bash at the beach 1996.
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Q: Will Canada ever forget about Survivor Series 1997 with Shawn Michaels and Bret Hart?
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