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No Idea. I am too waiting for that announcement... Fingers crossed :X

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Q: Will Airtel DTH show icc world cup 2011 in HD?
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Positioning of airtel dth service?

What is the positioning of Airtel DTH service ?

Airtel dth is better or tata sky?

Yes, Airtel DTH is All round, All time better than Tatasky and other DTH connections.

How do you synchronize airtel dth remote with sony lcd tv?

The link to AirTel's website page on programming the remote is on Related Links to the left.

Why is animax not included in airtel digital tv channel list?

animax is removed from almost all dth providers due to it's low popularity...i know this is ridiculous how could they do that anyway i only know of one dth service where it is available and that is videocon d2h. You can check the channel list on

How-to installl dth system?

how to instal a dth ?

What DTH stand for?

DTH stands for Direct To Home.

When was Gulf DTH created?

Gulf DTH was created in 1996.

What is Tata Play Binge, and how does it differ from regular Tata Play?

Tata Sky, Tata Play, Tata Play Binge, DishTV, D2H, Air Free Box, D D Direct Box, DTH Box, Airtel Digital TV Box, Airtel Xtreem Android Box - These are various DTH (Direct-to-Home) service providers and devices in India, each offering a unique range of features and channels. Tata Play Binge, in particular, stands out by seamlessly integrating popular OTT streaming platforms with traditional DTH services, allowing subscribers to enjoy the convenience of both worlds through a single set-top box. While Tata Play Binge focuses on this integration, other providers like Tata Sky, Dish TV, and D2H offer a variety of channel packages, HD options, and interactive features, each catering to different viewer preferences. Additionally, devices like the Air Free Box, D D Direct Box, DTH Box, Airtel Digital TV Box, and Airtel Extreme Android Box provide distinct features and capabilities, offering viewers a diverse range of choices to meet their specific entertainment needs.

How you get Tb6 on dth?

how can we start tb6 television channel in own dth service

What is the disadvantage in DTH?

The acronym DTH has many meanings: see a list at the link below.

Which DTH brand does Aamir Khan endorse?

Tata Sky DTH

What does the acronym DTH stand for?

The acronym DTH can have many meanings, depending on the context of its use. Common meanings for DTH include "Delayed Type Hypersensitivity", "Direct To Home", and "Down The Hall".