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Q: WikipediaWhat was the betting line on the 1985 national championship basketball game between villanova georgetown?
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Who played in 1985 NCAA basketball championship?

villanova georgetown

Who beat Georgetown in 1985 to win the NCAA basketball championship?


How many NCAA men's basketball championships have the villanova won?

Villanova has won 1 College Basketball Championship and it took place back in 1985 defeating the Georgetown Hoyas.

Who won the 1985 NCAA men basketball Championship?

Villanova defeated Georgetown, 66-64, in the finals to win the 1985 NCAA Division 1 basketball national championship.

Was there a shot clock during the 1985 championship game between villanova and georgetown?


What was the shooting percentage of Villanova when they won the championship?

An unbelievable 78.6% (1985 championship game vs Georgetown)

How many NCAA basketball championships has Villanova won?

1 in the year 1975. Villanova stunned Georgetown in an upset

Who was coach of 1985 villanova basketball team?

Rollie Massimino was the head coach. They beat Patrick Ewing's Georgetown team for the championship 66 - 64.

Who won the Big 5 Championship in Basketball?

VILLANOVA !!!!!!!!!

Hom many mens basketball championships has villanova won?

1, they were the lowest seed to win the national championship as an 8 seed in 1985, they beat Georgetown

What is the record for highest team field goal percentage in an NCAA Championship game?

In the 1985 Georgetown vs. Villanova championship game, Villanova set the record by shooting 79% from the field

What was the lowest seeded team to win the ncaa basketball tournament?

8 Villanova over Georgetown

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