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Q: Why would you want to be a cop in the city of Green Bay?
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What city are Green Bay Packers?

Green bay

The city of Green Bay is located in which state?

The city of Green Bay is located in Wisconsin. Green Bay is the home of the Green Bay Packers. The Green Bay Packers are a very successful football team.

What is the Green Bay Packers home city?

The Green Bay Packers come from Green Bay, Wisconsin.

What city does Green Bay Packers play for?

Green Bay, Wisconsin

What state and city do green bay play in?

The Green Bay Packers home stadium is located in Green Bay, Wisconsin.

Why is green bay the third largest city in Wisconsin?

The third largest city in Wisconsin is Racine, not Green Bay.

Is Green Bay the third biggest city in Wisconsin?

Yes Green Bay is the third largest city in Wisconsin.

What Green Bay Packer holds the key to the city of Green Bay?

Bart Starr

Where would you want to go in Wisconsin?

Green Bay. Packers Lambau stadium.

Is green bay a city?


What city is halfway between green bay and Oklahoma city?

the answer is Oklahoma because they have a bay to be as act the green bay and it is not in a town it is in a city, in Oklahoma city i bet you that that green bay is big and that it would be really scary to fall in that deep deep water! so that is my answer p.s i answered your question now i what you to answer mine. and it is that is that can light blue and red and purple or pink mach send the answer back to me OK please please from*********,

What puninsula is green bay?

The city of Green Bay sits adjacent to the Door Peninsula in Wisconsin. But the city itself isn't on the peninsula.