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The Ford family owns the Detroit Lions for two reasons. First, it allows them to advertise for the Ford Motor Company. The only have to pay themselves. That is why they play at FORD field. Ever notice the giant Ford logo painted on the roof of FORD field? Secondly, the NFL is a cash cow. The Fords paid about 2 million dollars for the team in 1964. The value of the team has increased an average of 16 million dollars every year for the 40+ years since they have owned it. Coupled with Ford Field the team is worth almost 1 billion dollars today. And that is with putting a pitiful team on the field. Why would they ever get rid of that kind of money maker. Zero effort, huge profit. Think about that- the Ford family could easily get ONE BILLION DOLLARS if they were to sell the team and the stadium, but they have no intention of doing that, because NFL dollars will be rolling in for years to come.

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Q: Why wont the fords sell the Detroit Lions to a real owner?
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