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it will fit on shafts make sure the shaft is mens and it's a little harder to put on a crank shaft. if this is a real problem take it to the nearest Lacrosse store and ask them why and if i burned out of shape go to where you bought it and see if you have a warranty (most heads do)

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โˆ™ 2011-06-08 19:30:26
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Q: Why wont my Evo 3 lacrosse head fit any shafts What do I do?
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Best lacrosse head?

there are many good lacrosse heads. attack- evo, evo 2.0, etc. with the evos. middie- proton power. defence- revo, super proton power. I'm sure there is more but these i think are the best.

What is a good Lacrosse head for Middie or Attack?

if you like head with flex, the warrior evo pro 2.0 or the brin houdini x are good, but if you like a stiff head without flex, the nike lakota or stx surgeon are good.

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What is a good stiff lacrosse head?

Try the Stiffi by warrior. Or the evo ti by warrior. You can also try the warrior spyne series Try the stx surgeon or the nike lakota.

What is a good defensive lacrosse head?

i have an evo ti and its really good. it is very stiff to. but it was $135. so i would get a revo 2.0 or evo 2.0 if ur on a budget. the revo and evo are like $60 bucks i think. that's the best head for defense unless u get an stx bionic for like $50. but coming from a person that tried all of the heads i would probably say get the evo ti or the evo 2.0. and for a shaft i recomened a krypto pro diamond or a krypto pro. but once again the situation has to deal with money. the krypto pro diamond just has improved grip compared to a krypto pro. the krypto pro diamond is like $120h and the krypto pro is like $105. i used both and i have a krypto pro and taped it. i like the krypto pro better if its taped

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