Why won't my floor jack go up?

Updated: 12/2/2022
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Q: Why won't my floor jack go up?
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Larin haudralic floor jack wont go down?

One thing for sure, being low on oil will not keep it up.

How do you jack up a Chevy pick up?

A floor jack is the safest way to jack it up. Place the jack under the frame.

How do you jack up a 2006 mercury milan?

Jack it up by placing a floor jack under the frame.

How do you raise a floor by 1 foot?

Have professionals come jack it up.

How do you square a door jamb in a house that has settled?

use a level. jack th floor back up also. use a level. first Jack the floor back up at where ever it has become unlevel.

How do to Jack up a 1998 Corvette?

The owner's manual will show you the points to place the jack. I suggest a floor jack and jack stands if you will be climbing under the car.

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Mercedes window wont go up

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well if the pistons wont go 'up or down' it wont be taking in any fuel, wont compress it and then wont react with the spark .... car is going nowhere

Where is the jack on a Toyota Highlander?

No year is give in the question. Try under the rear floor mat and pull-up floor panels.

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