Why women are beautiful than men?

Updated: 12/20/2022
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Not all women are more beautiful than men, in some cases men could beeautiful too.

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Q: Why women are beautiful than men?
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Why do men notice first about women's eye?

because when the woman's eyes pop out it makes them think that you are beautiful and men likes beautiful women

Are Hawaiian women more beautiful than Latin women?

No, Hawaiian women are not more beautiful than Latin women. Both types of women are equally beautiful. They have certain features and personalities that make them beautiful in their own ways.

Are the population of men more than women?

Their are more women than men :)

What ideas would not be appropriate for an essay comparing men with women?

Women are better than men.

Why are men quicker than women?

Men are quicker than women because men have more muscle.

Indian men white women?

I LOOOOOOOOVVVVVVVVVVVVVVVVEEEEEEEEEEEEEE white women. they are so so so Beautiful. I'm a Indian Men BTW.

Why do men choose ugly women over beautiful women?

Because they're stupid (and blind) !

How men and women react in different situation?

Men are good in the physical type than women. Women are more intelligent than men

Are beautiful women more attracted to larger men?

i think that beautiful girls are not attracted to larger man

What is true about woman in the workforce in the early 1960s?

Women had fewer job opportunities than men did in the 1960s.

Why do men run faster than women?

The men's body is actually built stronger than the women. It is also easier for men to gain muscle than women.

Men attracted women's legs?

Women is a beautiful creation men do like womens legs if they are appealing on the other hand it depends on the point of view of men , which part in women they like the most...