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Q: Why when a bowling ball on top of a shelf is an example of?
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How do you beat level 5 of Civiballs Christmas edition?

First, cut the right string on the second green ball on the top shelf, and then the left string.Wait for the ball to roll off the left side of the shelf.Next, cut the left string off the silver ball on the top shelf, and then the right. It will then roll off the right side of the shelf and push the green ball into the box. Then the silver ball will knock the red ball on the bottom shelf into it's box.Then, cut the string off the red ball on the top shelf. it will hit the silver ball and go into the red box, and the silver ball will roll under the spoon.Finally, cut off the string on the first green ball on the top shelf. then cut the remaining string off the last ball. It will bounce onto the spoon and both green balls will go in.

What does a red dot mean on a bowling ball?

the colored dot on a bowling ball is called the PIN. it is placed where the top of the core or weight block is.

Why is a fly ball called can if corn?

because the grocery stores used to keep there can corn on the top shelf people had to use a stick to get it off the shelf and catch the can like a fly ball

Where would a bowling ball and a napkin with different accelerations?

from an airplane and from the top of the Empire State Building

Does a Mammoth bowling ball hook good?

The hook of a ball depends on top weight, side weight, and finger weight and type of grip.

What is the minimum top weight for an undrilled bowling ball to be considered first quality?

Hard to answer. Max top weight after drilling is 1 ounce.

If you roll a bowling ball and a tennis ball with the same amount of force which will go further?

The experimental setup I envision is as follows: you get a sheet of melamine, stick it in the middle of the school gym, set one end on a sawhorse to create the slope, put the two balls at the top of the slope, let go of them at the same time and measure to see which one goes farther once it gets out onto the gym floor. Right? Because of the weights of the two balls, the bowling ball will travel farther. It can store more energy from gravity.

Which has greater gravitational potential energy a car sittknv on top of a hill or a bowling ball sitting kn top of the same hill?

Gravitational potential energy is proportional to the object's height and its mass. So if the car has more mass than the bowling ball has, then it also has more gravitational potential energy.

What would it look like if a bowling ball fell from the top of the empire state building?

very messy if it hit somebody

Where would a bowling ball and a napkin fall with different accelerations?

In a vacuum where there is no air resistance, both the bowling ball and the napkin would fall with the same acceleration due to gravity. However, in the presence of air resistance, the bowling ball, being more aerodynamic, would fall faster than the napkin.

Do you bake bread on the top shelf of the oven or the botton shelf?

bake what on the top shelf???????of the what ???the oven? if it is the oven and you are cooking something that takes a long time.... then put it on the top shelf!!!!!!!!!!!!!

What is the top bowling company?

Brunswick Bowling is the highest revenue bowling company in the world.