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Q: Why were those colors chosen for the cardinals?
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What are the 5 colors of the Olympic logo and why were they chosen?

Blue, Yellow, black, Green, and Red. Those colors were chosen because every nation on the planet has at least one of them in its national flag.

What group was the pope chosen from?

The College of Cardinals.

What colors are the cardinals?

Red and White

Why were these colors chosen to be used?


The pope is chosen from a group of?

As per Canon Law, all male Catholics are potential candidates for pope. However, in practicality, only a cardinal is elected. It has been hundreds of years since a non-cardinal has been elected.

Why were these 5 colors chosen as the colors of the rings?

these colours were chosen because every flag around the world has at least one of these colours

Do the Olympic rings represent the colors of the rainbow?

The colours of the Olympic rings were chosen because at least one of those colours appears on each countries flag.

How do you run for pope?

You do not run for pope. You are chosen as pope by the College of Cardinals. There is no campaign.

What is the name for cardinals who over see a vote?

Three cardinals are chosen before voting begins in a conclave to be Scrutineers who oversee each vote.

Who is the pope chosen by?

The pope is chosen by the cardinal electors, all cardinals under age 80, in a secret conclave held in Vatican City.

What are the colors for the St. Louis Cardinals?

The Arizona Cardinals team colors are Red and White.

Why are popes chosen by man when Catholics say they are chosen by God?

Popes are chosen by cardinals in a conclave during which, as a group and as individuals, they pray for guidance of the Holy Spirit to help them choose the new pope.