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The crown of olive leaves was an ancient Greek practice started at the original Olympic Games and continued in 2004 and at marathons.

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Q: Why were the athletes given wreath of olive leaves?
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What were the athletes rewarded with at the ancient Olympics?

an olive wreath an olive wreath

What prizes where given at the ancient Olympics?

athletes got rewarded a wreath of olive leaves and a branch from an olive tree. This breanch was cut with a gold handled knife. tbh 2dayz olympczzz is way beta...;]

What do athletes in the ancient Olympics win?

In the ancient Greek Olympics the athletes won olive wreath crowns.

What do the winners of the Olympics wear on their head?

they wear a wreath of olive leaves

What awards were given to athletes in the first modern olympics?

Crowns made of olive trees leaves called olympia

What were the prizes in the Olympic Games 740 BC?

A wreath of Olive Leaves to wear on their heads

What was the prize given to athletes from the seventh ancient olympic games onwards?

a crown of olive leaves cut from the sacred tree of Olympia

What were ancient greek wreaths made of?

ivy is incorrect, the right answer is Olive leaves, that's why it's called an olive wreath

What are the prizes for the Ancient Olympic games?

A wreath of Olive Leaves to wear on their heads. Many were carved into statues.

What does a olive wreath stand for?


What did the olympic winner receive in ancient Greece?

The ancient olypians recived a wreath made iut of olive leaves and twigs

What did they give for prizes at a Greek festival?

Traditional prizes may include a wreath or a crown made out of twists of olive leaves/branches.

What was the Olive wreath made of?

jo hjh

What did the winners of the Ancient Olympic Games receive?

A wreath for their heads.

Did Alexander the great competed in the olympic games?

No He did not. His Father did and won 3 gold medals. There were no medals at in the ancient Olympics. The winner was given olive oil and a wreath of olive branches

What does the olive leaf wreath stand for?

it stads for peace

What was the winners prize in the Olympics?

A olive branch wreath.

What is a greek olive head wreath called?

An Athlon

What awards were given to athletes at the first olympic games and what awards are given today?

the first olympic "medals" was a branch of olive leafs

Which leaves were used to crown ancient Romans?

Laurel wreaths were used for military triumphs, and senators and consuls wore a wreath made out of olive leaves. Oak leaves were also used for military honors for the common soldier.

When did winners in the Ancient Olympic games receive?

An olive wreath

What was the prize for the winner at the first Olympic games?

It was an Olive wreath.

What awards were given to the winners in the Ancient Olympic Games?

The Olympic winners received a wreath made of a sacred olive tree branch. Another version is that after the contest, the victor was given a ribbon.

What was won by winners of roman chariot races?

Usually a olive wreath

Do olive trees lose their leaves in the winter?

when do olive trees lose their leaves