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They were the colors of the Frankford Yellowjackets, the team the Eagles replaced in the NFL. They aren't technically the same franchise, but they are closely related. The colors themselves come from the city flag of Philadelphia, of which Frankford is a section.

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If I were to guess it would be that Green was the primary color of the room when they signed the Deceleration of Independence in Philadelphia.

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It is green for the Irish.

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Q: Why were the Philadelphia Eagles' original colors what they were?
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Who was the first Philadelphia Eagles coach?

Bert Bell was the original coach for the Philadelphia Eagles in 1933. He played football himself at the University of Philadelphia as the quarterback.

Are the Philadelphia eagles colors?

Midnight Green, Black, Charcoal, Silver, White

What are the Philadelphia eagles colors?

Midnight Green, Black, Charcoal, Silver, White

Who were the original coaches of the Philadelphia Eagles?

James Ludlow "Lud" Wray and Bert Bell.

Where are the Philadelphia Eagles located?

The Philadelphia Eagles are based in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania.

When was Philadelphia Eagles created?

Philadelphia Eagles was created in 1933.

What is Zach Ertz's number on the Philadelphia Eagles?

Fletcher Cox is number 91 on the Philadelphia Eagles.

How good are the Philadelphia Eagles?

the Philadelphia eagles are very good. Especially with VICK

Which state do the Philadelphia Eagles play for?

The Philadephia Eagles play in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania.

What was the original name of the Philadelphia Eagles?

The NFL's Frankford Yellowjackets were awarded to a syndicate headed by Bert Bell and Lud Wray in 1933. Bell named the new Philadelphia team Eagles in honor of the symbol of the New Deal's National Recovery Act.

What position does LeSean McCoy play?

LeSean McCoy plays Running Back for the Philadelphia Eagles.

What are the team colors for the Philadelphia Eagles?

The team colors for the Philadelphia Eagles are currently midnight green, black, silver, and white. Previous color schemes included kelly green instead of midnight green, and yellow and blue for a 75th anniversary game in 2007. Current team colors of the Philadelphia Eagles are Midnight Green, Black, White and Silver.