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The Olympics were banned in 393 AD by the Roman Emperor Theodosius. At that time, Christianity was the religion of the Roman Empire. The Emperor saw the Olympic Games as a pagan celebration in honor of pagan gods.

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Q: Why were the Olympics banned in 393?
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Which roman banned the Olympics games in ad 393?

an emperor

What was banned in 393 AD as it was considered an unholy ritual by the Romans?

The Olympics were banned in that year by the emperor Theodosius

Why did Theodosius get rid of the Olympics?

In A.D 393, Emperor Theodosisus I banned the Games as it was a pagan event and he was Christian.

When did emperor theodosius ban the Olympic games?

Theodosius I, Emperor of the Roman Empire, banned the Olympics in 393 AD. The next time the Olympics were held was in 1896.

When were the last ancient Olympics held?

AD 393385 was the last recorded games, although the games may have continued to 393 (in 394 the games were banned by the then Roman Emperor).

When did the Romans stop the Olympic games?

The emperor Theodosius I, the same one that forced Christianity on everyone, banned the Olympics in 393 AD.

What did Emperor Theodosius 1 do in 393 AD?

Emperor Theodosius banned the Greek Olympics. He was against any public non Christian rituals.

When did the ancient Olympics finish?

393 a.D

Who banned the Olympics games and when were they banned?

it has never been banned

Was there ever an Olympics where people where naked?

Yes, in the Ancient Olympics in Greece. (776BC to 393 AD)

When were The Greek Olympics were stopped in roughly?

393 A.D. by Theodisius I

Who abolished the ancient Olympics?

theodosius did in 393 or 394 A.D.

What year was the last year of the ancient Olympics?

393 ad

When was the history Olympics canceled?

The Ancient Olympics lasted from 776 B.C. until 393 A.D. and then there were no more Olympics for 1503 year. The Modern Olympics began in 1896.

Which emparore baned the Olympics in AD394?

theodorsius banned the olympics

Is ginseng banned in the Olympics?


Who canceled the Olympics?

Roman emperor Theodosius 1 in 393 CE.

Who was responsible for the ban of the Ancient Olympics?

It was banned by Emperor Theoosuis in 393 A.D. I got this information from a book from the library because i have to do a 20 page report on the oympics. I'm in year 7 happy to help tho =]

Which country competed in the 2004 summer Olympics but has been banned from the current Olympic games?

The country Iraq was banned from the Olympics in the year of 2008.

What date did ancient Olympics stop?

The Olympics were last celebrated in AD 393, and abolished for being un-Christian the following year.

Where exactly was the last ancient Olympics held?

I am pretty sure it was in Olympia in 393 AD

When did greek Olympics end?

The Olympian Games were abolished in 393 by the Christian Emperor Theodosios I.

In what year did the Romans conquer Greece in the ancient Greek Olympics?

close to 393 A.D

Why did the Roman Olympics end?

There were not any Roman Olympics. The Romans did not hold the Olympics. The Olympics were Greek games. They continued during Roman rule in Greece. It is not certain when the games were abolished. One hypothesis is that they were abolished in 393 AD by the emperor Theodosius I, a Christian Roman emperor who banned pagan practices. He would have regarded the Olympics as a pagan practice. Another hypothesis is that they were abolished in in 426 AD by Theodosius II, an emperor who ordered the destruction of all Greek temples.

Why were the professional athletes banned from the Olympics?