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Q: Why were the New York Jets and Cleveland Browns picked to play the first monday night football game?
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Who are the Cleveland Browns?

-The Cleveland Municipal Stadium's demoliton started in what month? November. This stadium was shared by the Indians until 1994 and was torn down in 1996. -Cleveland Browns are notorious for what section of the stadium? dawg pound . This one is a give me for you. -Bernie Kosar joined the Browns in a supplemental draft in what year? 1985. -Who had the nickname of the 'Wizard of Oz'? Ozzie Newsome. Too easy! -Brian Sipe was picked in what round of the draft? 13th. He held almost every record during his career for passing. -In the first Monday Night Football game ever played the Browns were one of the teams that played. Who was the other? New York Jets. Final score was 31-21 in favor of the Browns. -Frank Gatski's nickname was what? Gunner. -What was Lou Groza's nickname? the toe. -In the begining the Browns were not in the NFL. They played in the All-America Football Conference? t. They were not an NFL team until the 50s. -Paul Brown was a high school football coach for what school? Massillon High. Massillon High is located not too far from the Football Hall of Fame. -Art Modell moved the team? T. -The Browns' first pick in the 1984 USFL supplemental draft was who? Kevin Mack. He later teamed with Earnest Byner to form one half of a 2000+ yard rushing combo in 1985. -Which college did former Brown, Felix Wright attend? Drake. Had 9 picks in 1989. -Which Brown tied a NFL record with 6 TDs against the Bears? Dub Jones. It tied Ernie Nevers mark set in 1929.

Dose trash get picked up on Easter Monday?

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Which player was picked ahead of Donovan McNabb in the 1999 NFL Draft?

Donovan McNabb was the #2 pick overall in the 1999 draft. The player that was selected #1 overall was QB Tim Couch of Kentucky, selected by the Cleveland Browns.

Did Jordan shipley get picked by a NFL team?

yes he is on the browns with colt mccoy

Were the Cleveland Browns named after Joe Louis?

In 1946 when the Cleveland Brown organization became established, Paul Brown was the first coach. However, he preferred to name the team, The Panthers. However, since, Cleveland had had a semi-pro team called the Panthers years earlier, Paul Brown reluctantly had the team named after him."AnswerA fan contest was held to name the team. The fans picked 'Panthers' but that was the name of a semi-pro team in Cleveland. Another contest was held and 'Browns' was selected. Paul Brown did not like this but went with what the fans wanted, however, he would tell folks that the team was named after Joe Louis. AnswerIt was named after Clevenland Browns first Paul Brown

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Should Peyton Manning be picked in the 1st round in Fantasy Football drafts?


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Who is the philadelphia eagle's runningback?

The eagles have 3 running backs, LeSean McCoy (starter) Eldra Buckley (who doesnt get much playing time) and Jerome Harrison who they just picked up from the browns two weeks ago , Harrison had 115 yards of rushing in the blowout monday night, so expect to see much more of harrison.

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