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Because they were to lazy to improve the Football Jerseys back then....... LOL

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Q: Why were team uniforms so small back in the day?
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What baseball team was the first to wear st. patrick's day hats?

The Cincinnati Reds were the first MLB team to wear St. Patrick's Day uniforms, caps, and helmets, when they replaced the red in their uniforms with green during Spring Training in 1978. The second team to do it was the Boston Red Sox, but that didn't occur until 1990.

Will the San Francisco 49ers have new uniforms in 2009?

Yes. The team is set to unveil their new uniforms at their draft day party, set for April 25th. Specific details have not been released, but Team President Jed York has, in the past, been very vocal in his support of the "championship colors." According to various 49er beat writers, the new uniforms are expected to resemble the cherry red uniforms the team wore in the 80's and early 90's.

How many NBA games do a NBA team play?

In the NBA, no team will play three games back-to-back-to-back, however they will play 2 consecutive games, get one day off (usually a team practice day) and then play two more games back-to-back.

Does Haiti wear uniforms to school?

yes they do were uniforms to school every day of the year

What was Michael jordans hardships?

he did not make his varsity team back in the day

Do school uniforms save time and why?

Uniforms are more timesaving or more efficient because I think most of us in St. Paschal Baylon used to take 30 or more minutes to decide what you were going to wear for school, back in the day when we did not have uniforms. Uniforms are not time consuming because you already know what to wear navy blue pants or navy blue shirts and, white shirts.

Is Nebraska a good football team?

Back in the day they were a power. Recently they have struggled.

Why are school uniforms bad for schools?

School uniforms actually benefit school students. It is an opportunity for unification of the team that is the members of a student body. When everyone is in uniform, no one has to keep up with expensive or clique fashion trends and everyone is at the same level, as a team. School is not for worrying about fashion it is for learning!

Do zookeepers wear uniforms?

yes indeed they have to wear it every day and i mean it.

What number was Grover Cleveland Alexander?

He didn't have a number. Uniforms had no numbers in his day.

Do the Toronto Blue Jays wear green uniforms on St. Patrick's day?


Why should all schools not have uniforms?

It depends on religion, many schools do not have uniforms, but some do. Clothing can be a signifigant way to tell who the person is, and their personality. They also give you a different appearance then everybody else. But as I said, some religions must wear a uniform, and that is not a problem.