Why were skate-parks invented?

Updated: 9/27/2023
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Skate parks were created to allow skateboarders to gather in a safer environment than on the streets. A lot of Skateboarding was being done on public and private properties that endangered the lives of the skateboarders and the non skateboarding public. Skake boarders were also an insurance liability for businesses and others. Skate parks gave them a better, safer place to skate, to gather and to share techniques.

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People invented skateboards to have fun when the waters were to cold. Skateboards were built so people could "surf" in the chilly seasons. Originally called sidewalk surfing, people would attach trucks to the bottom of planks and ride them. ----

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skateboards were invented in the 1950s by surfers who put skates on their surf boards when the waves were bad and they called it street Surfing

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Q: Why were skate-parks invented?
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