Why were nappies invented?

Updated: 10/27/2022
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would you like a baby to poop all over your house?? would you like a baby to poop all over your house??

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Q: Why were nappies invented?
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Who invented disposable nappies?

I have no idia

What are nappies?

Nappies are diapers.

Why were pull ups potty pants invented?

Because they are easier to take off than nappies/diapers.

What is nappies slang for?

Nappies are diapers.

Are wet nappies better than dry nappies?


Do babies wear nappies?

Yes babies do wear nappies.

What does nappies mean?

Nappies are what some people call diapers.

Who are nicnapscom?

Nicnaps is the best nappy ever invented in my opinion. The lady who makes these nappies is excellent to deal with and I love them. You can get her on you will love her nappies they are so cute and you can pick your own designs and have them custom made for your baby. love them love them love them love them

How many women wear nappies?

some women and men wear nappies because they are disabled and they can't go to the toilet so they wear nappies so a lot of people can wear nappies no matter what age

What makes disposable nappies non-biodegradable?

Nappies have a substandard effect on our environment. This is for many reasons such as that as every other product it is soon disposed of and processed to a landfill which is deficient for our environment. There are two types of nappies used by mothers. Both our defective to our environment for different reasons. The two types are reusable and disposable nappies. Reusable nappies are nappies which can be reused, this is better than disposable nappies, which you get rid of into landfills, because they aren't being disposed of. lishii shaikh xx

What are terry nappies?

Terry nappies are flat squares of terry toweling fabric that have been used as cloth nappies (diapers) for years. If you don't like the idea of folding, pinning or soaking flat cloth nappies there are a lot more options nowadays - just Google 'Modern Cloth Nappies'.

How has pampers nappies improved?

Pampers nappies have improved their Absorbency and the strechiness of the adhesive straps :)