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To decrease the likelihood of a concussion.

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Q: Why were improvments made to the football helmet?
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What did did James naismith invent besides basketball?

I think he made the standard issue of the football helmet.

Who made first football helmet?

Harrison "No Game" Rains

What are football visors made of?

the best one i think is oakley that's what i wear.there clear they don't scratch and yeah.

Where were the first football helmet made?

Josh Rocks your world Engell

What is a football helmet made from?

The new ones are made of carbon fiber older ones fiberglass

What is the best football helmet?

Steven Gerads helmet

Should football helmet tackles be disallowed?

Helmet-To-Helmet are not allowed. If that's what you were asking.

Where can you get football helmet?

go to a town or into a place where there is a sport shop, you will find some kind of football helmet?

What does the football helmet in crystal cove online do?

The football helmet increases the health meter for Scooby and Shaggy.

How do ya make a paper made football hellmet?

get a helmet a make some more detail.

Are football helmets bullet proof?

A typical football helmet is not bullet proof but someone could create a bullet proof football helmet.

How do you polish a football helmet?

with windex covering the outside shell of the helmet