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Because the Persians didn't have patience and sent the horsemen in first and the strongest in the boat leaving their weakest variable to Greek attack. The Greeks won even though they were outnumbered, because of the general's mistake of not waiting for the Greeks to come to the Persian forces.

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Q: Why were Greeks able defeat persions plain marathon?
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Why were the Greeks able to defeat the Persians at the Plain of Marathon?

It was the Athenian and Plataian armies, which defeated the inferior Persian infantry caught without its cavalry support.

What plain did the Greeks win the battle against Darius' army?

The plain of Marathon , Greece .

What was the city of Marathon that the Greeks fought off the Persians in?

There was no city of Marathon. It was a plain 26 miles north of Athens.

Was defeated by the Greeks on the Plain of Marathon?

A Persian expeditionary force commanded by the Mede general Datis.

Where did the Athenians defeat the Persians in 490 BC?

On the Plain of Marathon 26 miles north of Athens.

What is the city where the Greeks defeated the Persians and gave us the name of the running race?

Not a city - the Plain of Marathon.

Who was was defeated by the Greeks at the Bay of Marathon?

The Athenians and their Platian allies defeated the Persians punitive expedition sent against them in a land battle on the Plain of Marathon.

Why were the Greeks able to win the battle of marathon?

It was not the Greeks, it was Athens and its ally Plataia. The Athenians waited on the edge of the Plain of Marathon for reinforcement from Sparta. Then saw the superior Persian cavalry being embarked on ships and ran down and defeated the unsupported inferior Persian infantry.

What was the area like in that time of the battle of Marathon?

The Plain of Marathon was a plain, surrounded by hills where the Athenian infantry lurked to avoid the Persian cavalry. When the cavalry was embarked on ships, the Athenian infantry was able to run down and defeat the inferior Persian infantry, caught without their cavalry support.

In what year did the Greeks win the battle near the city of marathon?

Marathon was a plain, not a city. It was owned by Athens. They fought a battle against a Persian amphibious punitive expedition sent by Persia in 490 BCE.

Scene of a very decisive victory of Athens over Persia?

In ancient times, Athens (and other Greek allies) secured one decisive victory over its traditional enemy, Persia, on a coastal plain called Marathon. Occurring in 490 B.C.E., this battle was won by the Greeks against a much larger force and ended a Persian invasion-threat.

City where the Greeks defeated the Persians and gave us the name of the running race?

Not the Greeks, but the Greek city-states of Athens and Plataea, The battle in 490 BCE was on the plain of Marathon (not a city) 26 miles north of Athens.