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Q: Why were African Americans overjoyed when Jesse Owens won four gold medals?
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What are the names of African-Americans who have won gold medals for running?

Jesse Owens, Carl Lewis, and Michael Johnson.

Who admired Jesse Owens?

African Americans

What Jesse Owens did to help people?

He won a few gold medals but I don't know in what

Who was the first African-American to win 4 gols medals in the Olympics?

Jesse Owens.

1st African American to win 4 gold medals at one Olympics?

Jesse Owens

What has the author Jesse Algeron Rhines written?

Jesse Algeron Rhines has written: 'Black film, white money' -- subject(s): African Americans in the motion picture industry, African Americans in motion pictures

African American athlete to win the most medals in the 1936 olympics?

Jesse Owens born James Cleveland

Where did Langston Hughes get the idea for the character Jesse B. simple?

african americans

What is the name of the African American athletes who won many medals in the 1936 Berlin olympic games?

His name was Jesse Owens.

What is the name of the African-American athlete who won 4 gold medals in the 1936 Berlin olympic games?

Jesse Owens.

Who was the athelete at the 1944 Olympics games who Hitler refused to present him with his medals?

Jesse Owens, from Ohio, just because he was African-American.

Who was the black African person that won four gold medals in 1936 olympic games?

John Baxter Taylor was the first African American person to receive a gold medal in the Olympics. He received this gold medal in the Olympics of 1908.