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There is no reason to wear high tops in Basketball.

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Q: Why wear hightops in basketball?
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Do you have to wear Jordans while playing basketball?

you dont have to wear jordans to play basketball. Nike shoes are usually more comfortable to wear while running up and down the court. Just make sure they are hightops so you dont hurt you ankles

How much are the hightops?

It depends wear you buy the hightops. Some are going to be more expensive than others.

What hightops do Justin bieber wear in the music video for somebody to love?


Why do you have to wear basketball shoes?

When players are cutting, crossing over, and elevating, it is easy us them to injure our ankles. The hightops are like ankle support. They keep your ankle steady and sure. If players are injured at the ankle, its probably because their shoelaces weren't tight.

What was converse created for?

Basketball. And Chuck Taylor was a famous player back in the days, and his name placed on the famous "chuck taylor" hightops.

Were do they sell xhi hightops?

They are now selling xhi hightops at the mall.

What brand of high tops does cassadee pope wear?

Depends on which hightops you're talking about, but the ones in the homecoming video were supras. =)

What did people wear in the eighties?

hoop earing, skirts, leggings, big hair,nikes,converse, hightops, and gold chains

How do you wear jeans with high tops?

I wear a tee shirt with a blazer or a cardigan and a pair of Levis skinny jeans.You could wear them with anything!! I have a pair of All black hightops and grey lowtops you can wear them with anything your little heart desires!

Did women wear hightops in the 50's?

No. Only men/ boys did. Women weren't allowed to wear jeans, and were required to wear skirts and dresses to school and work. There was nothing like sweat pants, short shorts, or short skirts.

Does it matter what kind of shoes you wear in basketball?

The kind of shoes you should wear for basketball are basketball shoes.

What would you choose NIKE TNs hightops or air maxes?

TN's or Airmax's depends what type, hightops are wack!

Are low tops bad for basketball?

Yeah they don't offer a lot of protection for the ankle so there's a higher risk of breaking your ankles. Also hightops make you faster and jump higher

Do boys wear a cup playing basketball?

no, boys do not wear a cup playing basketball

What kind of clothes does a basketball player wear?

Most basketball players wear basketball shorts or other shirts like, "Just Do It".

Name something basketball players wear?

Basketball shoesshortsjersey

What is your favorite shoes?

hightops :)

How do you get hightops on freerealms?

Are you talking about Girl hightops or Boy hightops well u can get both in coin shop but i think you are talking about the unfold over high tops so here i will tell you u can get them from vault berries (100 sc or 90 sc for members), or work on your TCG Job Quest line and find players that will be willing to trade them to you so there you have IT how to get hightops in free realms

What should you wear to basketball practice?

Basketball shorts and all; everything you'd wear, as if you're playing a championship, you want to wear the best you can.

Are hightops gym shoes?


Where do people normally wear college basketball jerseys?

People normally wear college basketball jerseys when attending college basketball games to show support for their team. One might also wear them in many social situations such as playing basketball or hanging out with friends.

What clothes do basketball players wear?

They usually wear a basketball jersey shirt and shorts that are in the teams colors.

What clothing do you wear in basketball?

they wear short and a top

What clothes do they wear in boys basketball?

Usually a jersey some basketball shorts and basketball shoes

What equipment do you wear for basketball?

Jersey, shorts, socks, and basketball shoes.