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Why was basket ball, soccer, tennis, Badminton, football, Rugby, and all other sports invented?

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Q: Why was water polo invented?
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How was water polo invented?

water polo was invented in england, when people wanted to play a form of soccer in their lakes and rivers

What person invented water polo?

James polo mavericks created this polo game

What country invented water polo?


What country was water polo invented in?


Who invented the water polo ball?

The water polo ball was invented by the same people that invented the game itself, they were British people laying in lakes and rivers. The ball wouldn't have been a water polo ball as such, it may have been a football, but as soon as it was used for that purpose, it became a water polo ball.

Who invented water polo?

Water polo originated as a form of rugby played in the rivers of England and Scotland. Click on the 'History of Water Polo' link on this page to read an article concerning the history of water polo.

What year was polo invented?

Polo was invented in 1789

Who invented polo?

Marco polo

What are the similarities between polo and water polo?

water polo is in the water and pollo uses horses and is on land water polo is in the water and polo is on land and it involves horses.

Is water polo intense?

YES! water polo is intense.You are playing probably the most toughest and roughest game ever invented. You like many others will feel this intensity when you play. Water polo is the most intense game anyone will ever play.

When was Marco Polo game invented?

it was invented in 1854

When was water Polo invented and by whom?

Water Polo began in the late 19th century in bodies of open water in England and Scotland, its creation is not credited to any one individual but the rules were developed by William Wilson soon after it began.

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