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The keel provides stability AND steerage.

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Q: Why was the keel boat invented?
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Who invented the keel boat?

Ben Lexen invented the winged keel for the American Cup

What does the keel do?

The keel is important because it forces the boat to move forwards when the force of the wind on the sails might also be pushing the boat sideways. The keel stops the boat simply going directly downwind.

Where is the keel of a boat?

on the bottom

What is a boat backbone?


What is a keel on a viking longship?

Every boat has either a keel, a centerboard or a dagger board depending on the boat. A keel is usually on a bigger boat and it is part of the ship. It sticks a certain length below the ship into the water to stabilize the boat. A keel is fixed. A center board is the same except when not in the water it retracts itself into the hull of the boat and is usually used in a medium sized boat. A dagger board is manually removed from the boat and is used on the smallest boats.

What is the spine of a boat called?


What is the boat frames called?

The keel .

What is the backbone of a boat called?


What does carina mean?

In Latin, carina is a word for boat, or the keel of a boat.

Where is the keel of a ship?

along the bottom 'seam' of the boat. If you can imagine a boat as cut in half longways, the cut you make is the where the keel would go. on the bottom of the boatThe keel is located at the center most lowest point of the hull of the vessel.the base

Why is a keel used?

A keel stabilizes a boat allowing it to go in a straight line (one direction).

How big is a keel boat?

how big is a keelboat

What is the lower part of a boat called?

the keel

What certification programs are offered at US Sailing?

US Sailing offers sailing programs in Small boat, Keel boat and Powerboat and Windsurfing programs. Keel boat and Powerboat are offered as certification programs.

How do you make a keel for a model boat?

A keel is the long fin that comes out of the bottom of the boat. You could make it using any missle shaped object for the botton and a long narrow pice conecting it to the boat itself

What type of boat was used in latter part of the Lewis and Clark expedition?

a keel boat

What did a keel boat do?

Keel boats were and are used for transporting cargo, mainly inshore and on navigable rivers. They are powered barges in effect.

What are viking boats called?

its called a keel boat ok

What was the keel boat used for?

Mainly local heavy cargo.

What was the name of the keel boat on the Lewis and Clark expedition?


What keeps the boat from sliding sideways through the water?


Do you have to have a keel on a sailing boat if your not using a sail?

Yes, for steerage.

How do you spell keal?

The spelling "keel" is the bottom of a boat or ship.

What is the difference between a centerboard sail boat and a keel sail boat?

A centerboard is lighter, therefore not as strong. The centerboard is retractable, the keel is not. Please see the related link below:

When was the keel boat invented?

in the 1800's. MORE LIKE... around 1100 BC Byblos is a Phoenician port, and the Phoenicians have become the greatest seafarers of the ancient world. INVENTION OF THE KEEL BOAT SEE HISTORY.COM SERIES MANKIND: STORY OF ALL OF US.

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