Why was the discus thrower made?

Updated: 9/17/2023
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to throw

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Q: Why was the discus thrower made?
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Where was the discus thrower made?


Who made the statue of discus thrower?


What artist made the sculpture the discus thrower?


When was Michael Robertson - discus thrower - born?

Michael Robertson - discus thrower - was born in 1983.

What happened to the original Discus Thrower?

The discus throw was made in 776 B.C. in ancient Greece, no one knows specificaly where

What bronze sculptures athletes Myron make?

He made the Discobolus, a discus thrower.

What sport was a discus thrower used in?

Believe it or not, it is called discus throwing.

What sport is in Germany called Heidenwerfer?

discus thrower

What does the discus thrower mean to the greek values?

A discus is a very heavy stone that was thrown by men. The discus was an indicator of great strength and heroism.

Who is Beatrice?

Beatrice Faumuina is a former discus thrower from New Zealand.

Is Lukashok a French surname?

There's an Israeli discus thrower with that surname...

What was the original size of the discus thrower statue?

3 meter high