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Q: Why was the budget for the Olympics increased?
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What would increase the risk of a loan?

Risk of loan can be increased by your budget for instance not having proper and effective budget planning

How to overcome the budget deficit?

Cut personal taxes - this increases consumer spending - this leads to growth - this leads to increased GDP - this leads to increased business/corporation taxation income- this pays the budget deficit.

What happened to the Federal budget after the Great Society programs?

The Federal budget increased tremendously after the Great Society programs became law.

What is the estimated price of the 2012 Olympic games?

The current budget for the London Olympics in 2012 is £5bn

Why coke sales increase?

Coke increased their sales because they were able to motivate consumers to purchase their products. They may have increased their marketing budget.

What are the costs and benefits of hosting the Olympics?

The benefits of hosting the Olympic Games are: - increased employment - lots of workers needed for construction of facilities etc. - increased tourism - the host nation is put on show to all the world - better infrastructure - transport, security etc. are all improved - feel-good factor across the host nation The Olympics usually are very expensive (London 2012 budget is somewhere around £9 billion) and so host nations have to weigh up the pros and cons.

Did the G S A budget increase or decrease during G W bush presidency?

It increased

If the sales budget shows a sharp increases in a particular months than in order to meet sales forecast the production budget must call increased production in the month?

Same Month

What was the budget for The Lord of the Rings?

The original budget was set at $270 million, but production increased it to a final cost of $310 million. With DVD sales, it has currently grossed over $1.1 Billion.

Are police organizations adequately addressing the increased need of police services in suburban and rural communities?

Within the constraints of the budget.

How much will it cost for Paris to host the 2012 Olympics?

The Olympics budget was set at 9.3 billion pounds in 2007 and is almost four times higher than the cost estimated when London won the bid in 2005. Lawmakers had expressed concerns in March that high security costs may push the Games, being held between July 27 and August 12, over budget.

What did reaganomics lead to?

Reaganomics led to decreased inflation, decreased interest rates, and increased budget deficits.