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Adidas, being the supplier of world cup balls, thought that using the orange ball was a significant step in the evolution of football. they had also used white and yellow balls in the 1966 world cup, but the orange was used in the finals to signify the importance of the ocassion.


The supplier of match balls for the finals of the football World Cup in 1966 were Slazenger, I know this as a neighbour worked for them and it was his responsibility for taking them to Wembley on that glorious day. Adidas did not supply balls for the World Cup finals until Mexico 1970.

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Because in the history of the Netherlands there is the king who started a re vault against the Spanish occupation of the Netherlands. This guy Was know as Willem van Oranje or Willem of Orange.

Yet today the colour orange is still associated with the royal family. The colour also represents brotherhood for a country to be connected in goal and that is to beat everyone who gets in our way at the worldcup. accept for Spain of course they get to win this time.

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The orange ball was used as it could very well be seen in the snow.

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Q: Why was the 1966 World Cup ball orange?
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