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Paul was removed from his soccer team because of his I.E.P. which said he was legally blind and the insurance didn't cover that if he got in an accident while playing in a game.

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2014-04-27 14:23:07
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Q: Why was paul from tangerine removed from his soccer team?
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Tangerine book why was paul confident that he would get onto the soccer team?

In the Tangerine book, Paul was confident that he would get onto the soccer team because he knew how good he was at playing the game.

What does Joey tell Paul about the reputation the kids on tangerine middle school soccer team have In tangerine?

joey tells paul that the tangerine middle school team's reputation is that they are unbeatable and they are bad.

Who did Paul fisher jump on in the book tangerine?

A player on the soccer team he played against at his first game with tangerine middle.

How does Paul's perception of tangerine change when he begins working in the grove with Luis and his friends from the soccer team in the book tangerine?


What is the book Tangerine about?

The book Tangerine by Edward Bloor is about a boy named Paul Fisher who is moving to Tangerine Florida. he joins the soccer team because he is tired of living in the shadow of his brother Eric, who is a football player.

What kind of discrimination does Paul face because of his impaired vision in the book Tangerine?

Paul is told he can't play on the soccer team due to disability issues.

Did paul fisher stay on the soccer team?

If you are asking about Edward Bloor's book "Tangerine", then no. Paul was taken off the team due to the IEP form that his mom filled out claiming he was legally blind. After many events, Paul moves to a new school and is on that team. So the answer to your question is no and yes.

How is tangerine middle school different from lake Windsor middle school how are the socer teams different?

tangerine soccer team have girl and boys team together, and in lake

In the book Tangerine how did Paul Fisher get dismissed from the soccer team?

He was dismissed from the soccer team because his mom told the principle he was legally blind. So he was kicked off the team because every player has to have insurance but since he was blind the insurance company wouldn't give him any insurance.

What is the summary of part 1 in tangerine?

paul is legally blind, paul moves to tangerine in florida beacause of his dads job. he makes new friends joins the soccer team but is kicked off because he is bisually impared, but when a sinkhloe swallows his classrooms he wants to start fresh at a new puvlic school.

What happens in the second part of the book Tangerine by Edward Bloor?

joey joins the soccer team

How does Paul get put into Tangerine Middle School from the book Tangerine?

Paul is transferred to a new school because of the sink hole that caused the school to fall apart. Also, his mom told the coach that he has a sight impairment. The coach of the soccer team took him off. He wants to go to a new school and join the team without his mom telling the coach that he has a sight impairment.

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