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for people to enjoy a new competetive sport

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Q: Why was gymnastics invented?
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Why did the gymnastics get invented?

Gymnastics was invented to express gracefulness,flexibility and beauty.I personally love gymnastics.

Who invented the gymnastics vault?

Frederick Jahn invented the gymnastics vault.

Was Gymnastics accidentally invented?

no. gymnastics is the sport of the gods. it was invented because its amazing.

Who invented gymnastics and in what year?

The ancient Greeks invented gymnastics in the early 1800's.

Where are gymnastics invented?

everything was invented in Greece

Who made gymnastics first?

The ancient Greeks invented gymnastics

Who discover the gymnastics?

Friedrich Ludwig Jahn invented Gymnastics.

Where was gymnastics inventied?

Gymnastics was invented by the ancient Greeks in Greece.

Who invented gymastics?

the Greeks invented gymnastics along time ago. i'm happy they invented gymnastics because it's really fun!

When does gymnastics invented and who invented?

The sport gymnastics was created in ancient times by the Greek to express gracefulness, flexibility, and beauty.

Who invented gymnastic?

The Ancient Greeks invented gymnastics. :)

Who was invented the gymnastics?

Someone from the ancient Greece time invented gymnastics. They used gymnastics for training to become stronger. At first it was an all men sport now women do it.

What country was gymnastics invented in?


Where was gymnastics invented?

In ancient Greece.

When was gymnastics first invented?


Who invented the gymnastics?

Kare Roach

What country invented gymnastics?


What date was gymnastics invented?

Jim Nastic invented the sport in 1820

Where was Gymnastics Rhythmic invented?

Probably Russia.

What year were gymnastics grips invented?


Who invented the floor exercise in gymnastics?

the queen

What time period was gymnastics invented?

Over 5,000 years ago. The ancient Greeks had gymnastics.

Who was the inventor of gymnastics?

No single person is credited with having invented gymnastics. The history of gymnastics goes back thousands of years to ancient Egypt.

When was gymnastics in Russia?

Gymnastics was always in Russia, it was invented there. Every olympics, Russian gymnasts compete and do well.

Who discover gymnastics?

The ancient Greek was when they created the Olympics. Gymnastics was not discovered but invented based on physical abilities.