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because the canadiens beat them

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Q: Why was don cherry fired from the Boston bruins?
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How many years did Don Cherry coach the Boston Bruins?

Don Cherry Scored 12789 goals n his career

When did don cherry coach Boston bruins?

when bobby orr scored the Stanley cup winner

Did don cherry coach a Stanley cup winning team?

Don Cherry played as a defenceman in the minor leagues from 1954-1969. In 1955, he played in his only NHL game, a playoff game for the Boston Bruins. He had some success as an NHL coach in the 1970s with the Boston Bruins and Colorado Rockies.

Did don cherry beat the canadians as a coach?

Yes he won some games with the Boston Bruins.

What would have been different if don cherry didnt exist or reached his accomplishments?

hockey would have been different, the NHL, the Boston bruins and so many NHLers lives if don cherry didn't exist.

How and when did Don Cherry got his Stanley Cup ring?

Don Cherry doesn't have a Stanley Cup ring. He lost to the Montreal Canadiens in both of his appearances in the Stanley Cup Finals (1977 and 1978) as coach of the Boston Bruins.

Who is the trainer for the Boston Bruins?

don delnegro

When Bobby Orr won the Stanley cup what team and coach did he have?

Bobby Orr won the Stanley Cup with the Boston Bruins twice. With Don Cherry as coach.

Did Don Cherry score his own net when he played with Boston?

He wanted to leave Boston, but he still had a contract

What famous Boston Bruins also played with the Montreal Canadiens?

I know that Chris Nilan and Don Awrey both played for Montreal and Boston. These two come to mind first.

Did don cherry get a award?

did don cherry get any awards

Who are Don Cherry's birth parents?

Delmar (Del) and Maude Cherry are the parents of Don Cherry.