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Q: Why was dodge ball once considered to be a nerds sport?
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Sport that starts with d?

Dodge Ball if that counts

Is wall ball a profesional sport?

no it is considered a minor sport.

What sport could you play using kitchen implements?

dodge ball

Does Bella Thorne play a sport?

Not necessarily but she does enjoy dodge ball

How do you remove the lower ball joint on a 97 dodge Dakota sport that has pins?

Check with a dealer- ball joints on series of Dodge products where covered by recalls.

Is Dragon Ball Z for nerds?


Is dodgeball consisdered a sport?

Yes, you do know you had to go into the sports category to get to the dodge ball category right.

Is dodgeball a hobby game or sport?

If you think about, it's a hobby becuz isaac newton and Larry King said so. clearly you havnt played. its a sport

Get more people into sport and fitness?

Make it fun. Like play dodge ball or tag. People will get into fitness if it is fun.

What is the song that plays in the movie dodge ball when they are learning how to dodge?

"Dodge ball".

When was dodgeball introduced to the Olympics?

Answer 1No. While there has been discussion about adding dodge ball as an Olympics sport, it will not be played in the 2008 Olympics.Answer 2Dodgeball will not ever be played in the Olympics because there is no single standard of play throughout the world. In the US alone there are over 5 major types of play. at least 3 in japan and the eastern world all in which vary very heavily from each other.Also under Olympic consideration is that a sport has to illustrate longevity in popularity of play over many countries: it is not sufficient that it be merely a 3 or 5 year fad, for instance, with a diminishing following, when considered worldwide. A sport has to illustrate solid growth over a lengthy time period. Even with that having been considered in times past, there have still been many sports that have come and faded from the Olympic arena over the decades. I'm sure the committee would want to avoid such repeats in future, and be careful what sports they actually include. - Deni

Is cricket is a game or a sport?

It's both.Cricket is a bat and ball game. But it is also considered a sport, due to being a form of competitive physical activity.