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Because they only used nine pins.

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Q: Why was bowling called nine-pin?
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What are two groups from other countries that can be traced to bringing the game of bowling to the New World?

The Dutch, the Germans, and the English each brought their own type of ninepin bowling to the US. Tenpin bowling is derived from ninepin bowling.

What religious leader is credited with inventing ninepin bowling?

Martin Luther

Why is 9 pin bowling called no tap?

9 pin no tap, means if you throw your first ball down the lane and take out only 9, then it is a strike and the lane resets to 10 pins and you move on to the next frame. Ninepin bowling and 9 pin no tap are not the same thing. Ninepin bowling is a type of "bowling." No tap is a game type played within "Tenpin" (traditional US alley bowling).

What is the origin of Tenpin Bowling?

First Answer:Ten-pin bowling was invented during Puritan times. In the Puritan laws of Massachusetts was a prohibition against "bowling at Nine Pins." So...they added another pin.actually the bowling game was invented over 7000 years ag.Second Answer:Tenpin is derived from ninepin bowling, a game which was brought to the US by the Dutch, Germans, and English sometime before the Civil War. Ninepin bowling was very popular with the colonoists and participants and spectators alike often gambled on the outcome of games. In 1841 a Connecticut law outlawed ninepin bowling because of the gambling. The bowling proprietors decided to add another pin to get around the law and called the game tenpin bowling. The first indoor bowling alley was built in 1840 at Knickerbockers of New York Germany.

What are four forms of the game bowling?

There is tenpin bowling, duckpin bowling, fivepin bowling, ninepin bowling. Variations of tenpin include color pin, red head pin, 9 pin no tap, Monte Carlo, Even/Odds, Low ball, and best frame.

Was there bowling in medieval?

First Answer: Yes, there was. Second Answer: Bowling has been around in some form since 5200 BC (the earliest we have artifacts to support). Bowling in the US, in it's current form, tenpin bowling, has been around since sometime after the Civil War. It is derived from Kegelspiel, a German form of ninepin bowling. The first indoor bowling alley was built in 1840, Knickerbockers of New York City.

What was bowling called in America?

Tenpin bowling or just Bowling for short.

What is bowling place called?

um.... a Bowling Alley

What do you call a round of bowling?

A round of bowling is called a frame.

What do you call a bowling enthusiast?

A bowling enthusiast is called a "kegler."

How many bowling pins were used in 1895?

In the United States, ten pins were already fairly standard by 1895, when the American Bowling Congress was founded. Fifty years earlier, ninepins (with nine bowling pins arranged in a diamond shape) was the game of choice. But in the 1840s, several states approved a ban on ninepin bowling, in part because of the gambling associated with the sport. So proprietors added a tenth pin, rearranged the rack into its current triangle shape, and the sport of tenpin bowling was born.

Who began bowling in the US?

The Dutch brought bowling to New York City (then called New Amsterdam) in the 16th century, in the form of ninepins: arranged in a diamond shape, with one point of the diamond facing the bowler.Around 1840, a series of laws in New York and Connecticut made ninepin bowling illegal, in an attempt to discourage illegal gambling on the games (which was rampant at the time). To circumvent those laws, proprietors added a tenth pin and rearranged the stack into a triangle. Thus did tenpin bowling begin, and it has remained one of the world's most popular sports ever since.

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