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Because back when they invented pointe shoes, people thought it was amazing to be able to stand on ones toes and dance. It inspired people to do Ballet. Now people are used to the idea of ballet and pointe shoes, so less people are interested in it.

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Q: Why was ballet so popular when it first came out?
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Why was ballet so popular in France?

because that's wher ballet started

How popular was ballet when it was first invented?

Ballet stemmed from the court dances in King Louis XIV's palace. When ballet first started, it was King Louis XIV who requested that it be developed further, as he enjoyed watching it (and doing it, albeit not that well) so much. Because of it's royal roots, ballet was very popular; but you had to be invited to the palace to see it!

Is ballet popular now?

yes! ballet is definitely still popular if you're thinking about trying it go for it! if ballet wasn't popular anymore, why do a lot of people still dance it? so, once again, yes.

Was ballet from France?

No, it originally started in Italy, but ballet moves names are French, because it was so popular there.

Where is Ballet popular?

Ballet is popular all over the world though it originated in France. There are many very famous companies all over the world such as The school of American ballet, Kirov, the royal ballet school, so on.

How popular is ballet?

AnswerReally popular actually in my ballet class there's about 20 people I have loads of people in my ballet class. And there are even more in the little people class!!Ballet is an excellent sport that everone can enjoy, so if you want to try, just find a good, local school.

Is ballet classical?

Ballet is one of the first types of dance and uses classical music so it is very classical.

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dancing helps you by knowing that you know diffrent types of dance. so if your teacher came up to you and said what do you know abought ballet? you could say i know that in ballet you use ballet shoes so that is why danceing helps you.

Do more girls take ballet than boys?

I'm not sure for sure. But I'd say so. But Ballet is also a popular style of dance for boys.

In what ways did Louis XIV support the arts?

He made opera and ballet more popular, going so far as to play the title role in the ballet The Sun King.

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