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Because French is the official language of the Olympics.

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Q: Why was announcements made in french first?
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Why are announcements at the Olympics made in French first?

English and French are the two official Olympic languages. It is tradition to give announcements in French first.

Why is the olympic ceremony announcement spoken French?

French and English are the two recognized Olympic languages and it is tradition that the announcements are made in French first, and then English

Why are the announcements at the Olympic games spoken first in French and then English?

It's a tradition French then English then the hosts first language

Why are they speaking french first at the games opening?

Because the founder of the Modern Olympic Games was French, and the Headquarters of the International Olympic Committee is located in Switzerland. English is also an official language of the Olympics. When announcements are made at the Games, they are made in French, English, and the language of the host country.

Why are the announcments at the Olypmics spoken in 3 languages?

Announcements are not made in three languages all the time. All announcements are made in English and French (the languages of the International Olympic Committee) and that of the host country. For example: London 2012 - English and French Beijing 2008 - English, French and Mandarin Athens 2004 - English, French and Greek Sydney 2000 - English and French etc.

Why is the announcements at the Olympic games spoken first in French and then English?

Because it is a French man who invented the modern Olympic Games. The baron Pierre de Coubertin.

How long have France been in the Olympics?

If you've been watching the Olympics, you may have noticed that the announcements are always made in French first. That's because the modern Olympic Games are a French invention. So France has been in from the very start in 1896.

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