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The origin of the nick name "Say Hey Kid" isn't certain.

One story is that Barney Kremenko, a writer, heard Mays blurt out "Say Who, say what, say where, say hey" and started calling him the "Say Hey Kid."

Another story is that he got the nickname because when he first joined the majors he didn't know anyone's name. In an interview Willie revealed "You see a guy, you say 'Hey man, Say hey man."

His nickname to fans is "Say Hey Kid." But to teammates and friends he's "Buck."

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Q: Why was Willie Mays nicknamed The Say Hey Kid?
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What is Willie Mays nick name?

Willie Mays goes by The Say Hey Kid, and Buck.

What baseball legend was nicknamed The Say Hey Kid?

Willie Mays was nicknamed The Say Hey Kid. Willie Mays was a two-time MVP who hit 660 home runs and won 12 Gold Gloves, was voted No. 8 among North American athletes of the 20th century by SportsCentury's distinguished 48-person panel.

Who was the say hey kid?

Willie Mays Of the New York/SF Giants Was the"Say Hey Kid". Willie Finished his career with the New York Mets.

Did the say hey kid die?

No. Willie Mays is not dead

When did Willie Mays get the nickname The Say Hey Kid?

Willie Mays got his nickname, the "Say Hey Kid," because "Say Hey" was a phrase he often used to get attention from people whose names he did not know.

What basketball player's nickname was the ''say hey kid''?

"Say hey Kid" was Willie Mays and it wasn't basketball it was baseball.

Who is the Say Hey Kid that hit over 600 home runs?

Willie Mays = = = =

How did Willie Mays get his nickname?

It is not clear how Mays became known as the "Say Hey Kid". One story is that in 1951, Barney Kremenko, a writer for the New York Journal, having overheard Mays blurt "'Say who,' 'Say what,' 'Say where,' 'Say hey,'" proceeded to refer to Mays as the 'Say Hey Kid'.The other story is that Jimmy Cannon created the nickname because, when Mays arrived in the minors, he did not know everyone's name. "You see a guy, you say, 'Hey, man. Say hey, man,' " Mays said. "Ted [Williams] was the 'Splinter'. Joe [DiMaggio] was 'Joltin' Joe'. Stan [Musial] was 'The Man'. I guess I hit a few home runs, and they said there goes the 'Say Hey Kid.'"Years before he became the "Say Hey Kid," when he began his professional career with the Black Barons, Willie was called "Buck" by team mates and fans.

What MLB player is known as say hey kid?

Willie Mays, who played for the San Fransisco Giants from 1951-1973, was a 24x All-Star and 2x MVP.

Did Willie Mays play in the little league as a kid?

im pretty sure i read a book about him. (true)

Did Willie Mays get married and have kids?

According to the April 30, 1953 edition of Jet magazine, her name was Annie Elizabeth McMorris. She died that year in a Birmingham, Ala. hospital after giving birth to her 11th child. At the time, Willie Mays was serving in the Army at Fort Eustis, Va.

When was Willie Mays signed into the New York Mets?

In May 1972, the 41 year old Willie "Say Hey Kid" Mays was traded from the Giants to the Mets for pitcher Charlie Williams and $50,000 ($262,490 today). His first game playing for the Mets was on May 14th when he hit his second to last home run of his career (his 600th was on August 17, 1973). The final at bat of this baseball's great was in the 1973 World Series for the Mets.