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It was reported that she was late to the bus back from the trip to Europe. Though it could've been caused by a number of things

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Q: Why was WWE mickie James let go from the WWE?
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Why was sheltonbenjamin let go from WWE?

I'm not sure. I looked on the WWE Alumni and saw him, Maria and Mickie James on it.

Did mickie James retire?

Yes, She Was Let Go By The WWE After The 2010 Draft It Is Unclear Weather She Will Return Or Not

Who does Mickie James go out with?


What is WWE mickey James real name?

mickie James's name is mickie laree James if any one says it's alexis laree thay are WRONG! go check on wiki if you do not belive me

Why did mickie James go to tna?

From what I heard someone said that her WWE contract expired and TNA offered her to go to TNA and she accepted.

Has WWE had lesbian scene?

Just go to youtube and search for Mickie James kisses Trish Stratus pick the first one and then there will be a lot of related videos that have wwe lesbian moments

Where did mickie James go to school?


Will mickie James go to TNA?

Mickie James is in TNA and she has become a two time TNA Women's Knockouts Champion.

Do john cena and mickie James go out?

no they dont go out

Did mickie james and john cena go out?

yes they did

What kind of underwear does Mickie James wear?

she wears thongs go to youtube and type in mickie James thong slip

Why isn't micki James in wrestling anymore?

She is now on TNA Impact. she debuted on October 7, 2010 announcing she was going to be the special guest referee in the TNA Knockouts championship match at Bound For Glory that next Sunday.