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He was the first amputee to ever run in the Games. Pistorius was born "without the fibula, the long, slender bone running along the outside of the leg from below the knee joint and down to the ankle, in each of his legs .

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Q: Why was Oscar pistorius called the blade runner?
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Who is known as Blade Runner?

Oscar Pistorius .

What nicknames does Oscar Pistorius go by?

Oscar Pistorius goes by Blade Runner.

What is an Olympic blade runner?

Oscar Pistorius .

Who is known as Africa's Blade Runner?

Oscar Pistorius .

Who is the blade runner for the olympic games this year?

Oscar Pistorius .

Who is the Blade Runner?

Oscar Pistorius is known as "The Blade Runner" due to the prosthetics he wears upon both amputated legs .

Disabled athlete named blade runner from south Africa?

Oscar Pistorius .

How did the blade runner lose his legs?

Oscar Pistorius at the age of eleven had both legs amputated due to being born with fibular hemimelia in both legs since both legs lacked a fibula .

What is oliver pistorius famous for?

blade running.

What was the budget for Blade Runner?

The Production Budget for Blade Runner was $28,000,000.

When was Blade Runner created?

Blade Runner was created on 1982-06-25.

When was Blade Runner - soundtrack - created?

Blade Runner - soundtrack - was created in 1982.