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An aboriginal tribal elder gave him that name in addtion to his registered name.

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Q: Why was Lance Franklin called 'Buddy'?
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Who is better lance Franklin or nick rewolt?

Lance Buddy Franklin all the way

When was buddy Franklin born?

Lance Franklin was born in 1987

Who has kicked the most goals in tfl season?

I assume you mean AFL and that is Lance "Buddy" Franklin

Why did Lance Buddy Franklin get disqualified from the Brown Low 2011?

HAWTHORN star Buddy Franklin received a suspensionafter being reported by a field umpire for striking Gold Coast's Maverick

Why is lance Franklin called buddy?

The nickname Buddy was given to him by his family as a way to distinguish between himself and his father when being called for around the house. This was revealed by buddy in an interview where he was asked viewer questions during rounding 16 in the 2008 season. Yeah! it really was! my best friend is CARNEZY! woohyeah! i love him!!!

Is Lance Franklin on Facebook?

There is a Facebook fan page for Lance "Buddy" Franklin. If you search the exact name, it should come up first. As for a profile (so you can add him as a friend), this is currently unknown. Perhaps you should ask him. =P

How many goals did buddy Franklin kick in his career?

lance has kicked a whopping 305 goals in onlly 102 games lol!! im a hawks supporter GO BUDDY!!

What is buddy Franklins birthday?

Lance 'Buddy' Franklin was born on January 30, 1987. He made his debut for Hawthorn at the age of 18, and six years later, aged 24, he is one of the superstars of the AFL.

What is Buddy Franklin's favorite food?

French crocodiles. Who the hell is Buddy Franklin?

Who is beter lance Franklin or travis cloke?

lance Franklin because he is a strong marker and strong at kicking goals!!!

How many goals in total have been kicked by the leading goal kicker in 2008?

98 by Lance "Buddy" Franklin from Hawthorn at the end of Round 21 24/08/08

Does lance Franklin have siblings?