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Lita, aka Amy Dumas, wanted to quit and do other things with her life so she decided to not renew her contract. Amy Zidian was a Diva Search finalist released due to backstage problems with other divas.

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Q: Why was Amy zidian aka Lita fired by WWE?
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Was lita ford in WWE?

I don't think so. Amy "Lita" Dumas was. I don't think so. Amy "Lita" Dumas was.

What is lita from WWE real name?

Amy Dumas

Who is Amy Dumas?

Former WWE Women's Champion, Lita

What is Adam copeland's girlfriend's name?

Amy Dumas ( WWE diva "Lita" )

What is WWE litas real name?

Amy Christine Dumas

Where is Amy Dumas aka Lita?

Amy Dumas retired from WWE and is now doing work with her band The Luchagores.

What is the real name of lita?

lita is a women who used to be a wrestler in the WWF/WWE. She is a 4 time WWF/WWE Women's Champion. And her real name is Amy Dumas. She wreslted from Febuary 2000(debut) to November 2006(retirement).

Does WWE superstar cm punk have a girlfriend or is he married?

He is currently dating Amy Dumas aka Lita

What is WWE diva lita real name?

i don't get it,why do people not no what litas real name is.Matt hardy has said it about 1000 times.her real name is Amy dumas.

Wwe 2008 how to get lita?

you cant get lita in wwe 2008:(:(

Will lita returns to WWE in 2009?

will lita returns to wwe in 2010

Was WWE Lita really pregnant in real life?

No Lita was only pregnant in WWE Storylines. [Kayfabe].