Why valentino rossi use number 46?

Updated: 9/27/2023
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I myself, am a huge Valentino Rossi fan, so this is the perfect question for me. Rossi's father Graizzario Rossi, a motorbike rider him self, won his first race with the number 46. When Rossi started racing in the big classes he wanted the number that his father won his first grand prix with.

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he has always kept the number 46 because his dad was 46 and rossi does not want to change the number plate

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Q: Why valentino rossi use number 46?
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Valentino Rossi

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Valentino Rossi

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What motorcycle is number one in motorcycle racing?

Sounds like bias but I guess #46 is the most popular motorcycle number in racing. Why? Because this number is owned by a world champion racer in the world, Valentino Rossi. He just signed a contract with Yamaha.

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i think he has an adopted child... i dunno....i saw him with vale sometimes ago while vale's celebrating his win at a race... That would be Luca Marini, his half brother, who is also now racing bikes. VR¦46 has no children at this time.

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