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say if it was in Basketball and you didnt see the dunk or three pointer they made well with technology you could see the replay.

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Q: Why use technology in sport?
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It is entertaining

What is Sport and Design Technology?

your face fam

How science and technology helps in cricket?

Because of all the technology-go to tcehfreak how is technology used in sport

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What technology is used in sport today?

in Baseball they use a radar to see how fast the pitch went. in football they review plays

What are the globalisation impacts?

sport fashion food technology

Why has technology change sports?

it change sport to make it easier.

How do doctors use technology?

how does doctors use technology

Advantages of science and technology to sport?

one advantage is the fact that we now use helmets in foot ball to lower the death rate in football

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broadcasting meteorologists use what technology ? broadcasting meteorologists use what technology ?

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Explain two ways in which technology has been used to enhance performance in sport?

we used technology to make our say example: tennis rackets and baseball bats, etc. Therefore we have better things to use in sports and have enhanced sport. I'm sorry, if I'm now that clear, but I hope you get my point

How can technology compromise the sport experience?

Technology means that more and more people are watching sport at home on the TV rather than going and actually watching it live. Although broadcasting sport on TV is a good way of making it accessible for everyone to watch (i.e. those who can not afford tickets to the game) it is still destroying the atmosphere of sport. If everyone was to watch the game on the TV there would be no supporters and the whole atmosphere of the game would be different. Watching sport on telly also means that children are less likely to go and get involved in sport themselves therefore meaning that our society will continue to get more and more unhealthy. However Technology has furthered sport. For example the use of technology in Rugby to see whether it is a try or not. Some may argue that this technology takes some of the atmosphere and competitiveness of sport. However it can also be argued that it adds to the atmosphere as it created anticipation in the crowd as to whether it was a try or no try etc.

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Technology can be harmful depending how you use it. Technology is harmful if you use it in a illegal way.

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What is the use of statistical inference in technology?

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We use technology to learn about science. And we use science to build technology.