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Q: Why the narrator wears a suit in bloodbrothers?
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When was Bloodbrothers - novel - created?

Bloodbrothers - novel - was created in 1976.

Does Godzilla exist?

No. it was a man in a suit.

What is the ISBN of Bloodbrothers novel?

The ISBN of Bloodbrothers - novel - is 0-395-24303-3.

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How was the characters costumes in bloodbrothers?

Mrs Johnstone generally wears an old dress with an apron over the top for most part of the show. Mrs lyons wears a sort of suit skirt thing and Mr lyons wears a suit. The narrator wears a black suit for the entire performance, like the sort of thing you would wear to a funeral. When they are playing small children (aged seven, nearly eight) Mickey and the other boys wear dirty, ragged clothers that are ripped in places. Linda and the girls wear dirty dresses or jumpers and skirts or sometimes pinafores. Eddie wears a posh and expensive looking shirt and a v neck jumper with shorts and knee length socks. When they are playing teenagers, the boys wear more leather jackets and torn jeans whereas the girls, especially linda, wear blouses and mini skirts. When playing adults, the boys attire doesnt change much but the girls wear the same as mrs johnstone, except for when there are scenes that they are dressed up for (eg, mickey and linda's wedding) hope this helps :)

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