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its the sister team of the Phoenix Suns

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Q: Why the Mercury are called Phoenix Mercury?
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When was Phoenix Mercury created?

Phoenix Mercury was created in 1997.

What kind of animal is the phoenix mercury mascot?

The Phoenix Mercury is WNBA team in Phoenix, Arizona. Its mascot is Scorch, a purple animal that resembles a dog.

Has Phoenix ever won WNBA championship game?

The Phoenix Mercury won the 2007 championship.

Who won the2007 WNBA championship?

Phoenix Mercury ;)

What is the name of the mascot for the WNBA's Phoenix Mercury?


What is the Phoenix Mercury stadium named?

US Airways Center

What is the Arizona WNBA team located in Arizona?

The Phoenix Mercury

What WNBA team does Diana taurasi play for?

Phoenix Mercury

What is the name of the phoenix mercury mascot?

Marshall Mathers

How did the WNBA Phoenix Mercury get its name?

I understand the Coyotes name was chosen because of the desert areas in Arizona and the southwestern area being the "ancestral home", if you will, of the American coyote. Also the coyote is the number one animal in Arizona

Who is the best power forward in the WNBA?

Candice Dupree of the Phoenix mercury

When was Diana Taurasi selected as first of the Phoenix Mercury?

Diana Taurasi was the number one draft pick for the Phoenix Mercury in the 2004 WNBA Draft. Since then, she has become one of the best players in the game today.