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Well maybe because teens like Basketball the most,likely.many teens choose basketball on ver any sport.

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Q: Why teenage audience have a aimed for basketball?
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What was the target audience of the music magazine Smash Hits?

The music magazine Smash Hits was aimed at a young teenage audience. However the magazine didn't do all too well, and there are no longer copies being printed.

Do some people don't like shoujo anime?

Its perfectly acceptable for some people to not like shoujo anime since the intended audience is aimed at teenage girls.

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The audience that is anticipated for a particular programme or event, the audience it's aimed at.

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A product aimed at an audience of teenagers would show that the product is

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The audience.

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No, Family Guy is aimed at an older audience. No, Family Guy is aimed at an adolescent mentality.

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i think it was made for the kids

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