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because,they like India & indian cricket team

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โˆ™ 2012-02-23 15:00:52
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Q: Why some Indian cricket players have Indian flag on their helmet?
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Do you salute the American flag with a bicycle helmet?

First, I assume the question is really..."Do you salute the American flag while you are wearing a bicycle helmet?" If the helmet is part of a uniform, you salute. If it's not, you take the helmet off and hold it over your heart. Second, if the question is..."Do you salute a bicycle helmet with an American flag on it?" then the answer is no.

What is our Indian flag?

The Indian flag is usually described officially as Flag Code of India.

Who designed the Indian flag?

Pingali Venkayya was the designer of the Indian flag.

What flag is the national flag of Goa?

the indian flag

What the Indian flag size?

i dont noe the size of the INDIAN NATIONAL FLAG!!

Is the Indian flag have red?

yes the Indian flag has red on it

How many spokes are there in Indian flag?

number of spokes in indian flag are 24

What does the color black stand for in the Indian flag?

Nothing. There is no Black on Indian flag

What is the symbol in the middle of the Indian flag?

the middle of the Indian flag stand for peace.

Who is the designer of Indian national flag and When did Indian national flag adopted?

Pingali Venkayya designed the Indian national flag.On 22 July,1947 Indian national flag adopted .

What is Indian national flag in Hindi called?

The Indian flag is known as Triranga in hindi.

What is our Indian flag-?

The Indian Flag has four colors orange, white, green and blue.

What is the fraction of orange color of the Indian flag?

What is the fraction of orange colour of the Indian flag

What football team has a flag on their helmet?

Tampa bay bucaneers

Does the Canadian hockey goalie have an American flag on his helmet?

No, he would not.

Is Indian flag a proper noun?

Yes, Indian Flag is a proper noun, the name of a specific flag.

What is the sticker on back of NFL helmet to the right of American flag?

It depends on what team's helmet you are reffering to. All NFL helmets have the following decals in the back: American flag, NFL logo and the manufacturer's safety warning decal that came with the helmet. Many teams also have the player's number on the back. The Dallas Cowboys have the last name of the player on the back of the helmet courtesy of a household labelmaker.

When did Indian national flag adopted?

On 22 July,1947 The Indian national flag adopted

What is the length and width of Indian flag?

The Indian flag has a 2:3 height-to-width ratio.

What does the orange color mean in the Indian flag?

Orange in the Indian flag means courage and sacrifice.

When was Indian flag started?

The Indian flag was started sometime around the coronation of Edward VII.

Where is the correct placement of the American flag on a football uniform?

traditionally a small American flag sticker on the back bottom of the helmet if you wish to sew a flag on the shoulder then just keep the stars towards the players front so most American flag patches would go on the left shoulder. a smaller flag sewn ont the front should go on the left side of the chest over the heart or sightly higher to avoid the unifoms letters or symbols

Who was the first Indian to unfurled the Indian flag first ever in foreign?

Pt Jawaharlal Nehru first unfurled the Indian flag in Lahore

Where do you put the American flag on your football helmet?

The stars should always be going forward. Looking at the helmet from the back.. it should be the left side

Who found Indian flag?

The Indian national flag was found or designed by Pingali Venkayya back in 1916.