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Q: Why shouldn't soccer post be made from rubber?
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Why shouldn't soccer posts be made from rubber?

I don’t know.Make a soccer post out of rubber

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What colour must the soccer goal post be?


Where can you buy rubber?

you can buy a rubber from any post office of like pound land or realy any were !!

What is the distance horizontally from one goal post to the other goal post for Soccer?

8 yards

Where are the post in a soccer game?

In the middle At the end of each field

How they get a goal in a soccer?

Kick the ball through a goal post

What is a back post?

A back post is a term in sport for the upright furthest away from the person kicking the ball in soccer.

What is the std procedure for Post curing for EPDM rubber products?

have a threesome

How many goal post are used in a soccer match?

about 2 or 4 posts

What size to make soccer goal post?

8ft tall and 24ft wide