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Girls shouldn't be able to play on boys sports team because "girls are weak" & "they could get hurt"... but that is not what i think. I believe girls should be allowed the equal opportunity and not dicriminate genger because genger does not choose your ability in becoming an athlete. An athlete will always get hurt it is just the game in all sports.

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Q: Why shouldn't girls be able to play on boys sport teams?
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Why should girls not be able to play on men sport teams?

the answer is that they would try to crush the girls

Should girls be able to play on boys sports teams?

well yes they could but in school or outside of school there should be a girls sports team in all sport category's.

Can you join cheerleading at another school?

No. You have to be in the school to be able to be on any of their sport teams.

Should girls be able to play on male sports teams?

Yes but a deeper discussion would lead us straight to politics and womens rights But yes in all fairness girls should be able to play on sports teams with boys.

Why should girls play boy's sport?

It depends on the sport and the girl. If she is very good at a sport there is no reason why she shouldn't be able to play in that sport. Gender should have no foundation in sports since it is ability that is important.

Should prosecutors be able to use their power in this way?

no the prosecutor shouldnt have the powerto used

Why should girls be able to play on the same sports teams?

they shouldn't because the boys will over power them and they might bee to rough

Should students be able to dye their hair unnatural hair colors?

yes! there shouldnt be a rule for that because teachers shouldnt be able to tell students what to do to there hair. for example if a student wants her hair to be a bright pink they could do it if they want too!

What make you a good sport leader?

A superior understanding of the how the particular sport your teams plays, a better understand and ability of enforcing the coaches tactics, being a confident leader being able to command respect from other team members, best thing a sport captain can have to aid them in leading, is experience

Should girls play football?

No matter how old you are you should be able to play football if youre a girl because a girl can do anything a boy can do and because football is just simple genetics and if the girl really think there tuff then they can handle it and no they shouldint have all boy teams then all girl teams. They should let boys and girls play on the same teams and not split up and honestly i think football should make girls tougher.

Why we wouldn't have unisex sports teams?

I feel the same way you do about this. The girls should be able to play with the boys, and the other way around. I think they have it separated because some sports the boys/girls may be rougher. Though, they made a law that made it a little bit better. Each sport, lets say women's volleyball, they must have a mens' volleyball team too.

What is the punishment for doping in sport?

He/she will not be able to compete in the sport again ever!

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